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Car wash

We render services of the sink equipped with a modern washing complex Christ C-2100 Super Wash.

Multipurpose трехщеточная the system of sink Christ C-2100 Super Wash has the various washing programs allowing qualitatively and quickly to serve cargo, cars, lorry convoys, buses and other vehicles in an automatic mode.

Time for car wash:

- Trucks with trailer – 10 min.

- Buses, including long distance – 7 min.

- Passenger cars – 3 min.

Its rotating brushes have a pile of soft synthetic material, which has no negative effects on the body of the car. There is a cleaning of components and assemblies.

The production place for a sink of cars, with cleaning and cleaning of salons, with application of the vacuum cleaner, automobile shampoos, etc. special means is taken.

Disinfection of the vans used for transportation of foodstuff (the Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion on realization of disinfection of vehicles, is given out Upravleniem Rospotrebnadzora across the Smolensk region) is made.

The price of car wash:

- A semi-trailer road trains is from 1100 rubles.

- A truck is from 800 rubles.

- A bus (minibus) is from 500 rubles.

- Complex washing and cleaning of the car is from 200 rubles.

Working hours: 8:00- 20:00- daily.

Registration by phone (4812) 41 56 27


Ph. (4812) 41-56-27

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