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Why work in the group of companies “Tranzit” is prestigious and profitable?

The pledge of our success – is highly trained staff to ensure high quality and highly efficient solution for companies facing problems and undertaken contractual obligations

There are stable and growing companies. They employ over 400 employees, most of all has a high profile and secondary profile education. They have work experience for over 10 years. There is almost no employee turnover in main areas and links of the production process.

We are well aware that our greatest asset- is our people. This is a good working environment for our workers, that prospect of career development and training, obtaining related specialties. All work places have been accepted on working conditions, has been organized training of the major categories.

The professionals who work at the service center are trained abroad. They all have necessary certificates and approvals for the respective activities. Work places are equipped with computers and office techniques, equipped with modern diagnostic and ancillary equipment.

Driving composition works on modern trucks of world’s leading manufacturers ( MAN 200 MAN 2006- 2011) relevant ecological standards EURO 4 and EURO 5, equipped with cell phones. They deliver cargo to Europe, CIS and Russia.

Repair and maintenance of vehicles is carried out on its own service center. There is car wash and gas station. Open a licensed medical room.

Employees have a stable salary and full benefits package.

There is designed and implemented an effective system of incentives of employees: the use of incentives, the provision of material assistance in need.

The working conditions of employees constantly improves; delivery to and from work carried out by companies transport.

There is a café and ATM.



Apply for a job to the personnel department by phone (4812) 41-48-20,

Address: 214032 Smolensk, Lavochkin, 105


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