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Customs Representative

Customs representative (customs broker)- is a legal entity representing the interests of the customer for customs clearance of goods and vehicles in the customs authority. Our main principle – is quality and as soon as possible to fulfill all its obligations to the clients. Customs clearance is carried out the same day without delay. We included in the register of customs representatives of the Russian FCS, Certificate № 0006/00 from 10/09/2010.

We provide the following services:

- Customs clearance of cargo ( declaration, including electronic), in various customs regimes;

- Remote release of the goods ( placed on our warehouse of temporary storage), regardless of the location of customs post, receipt and release customs declaration;

- Preparation of clients documents for customs clearance and full customs clearance at the Smolensk customs : including:

• Definition of customs value, risk assessment, preparation of the CCC;

• Calculation of customs duties and charges;

• Obtaining the necessary permits, etc

We provide the qualified advice on customs and international transport.

We have great experience in preparing documents for the basic customs procedures (modes) of certain Customs Code, including the most complicated: Refining in/ outside the customs territory, re- import, re- export.

There are practically no restrictions on the range of cleared goods, assist in the definition of the product code on the HS, including:

- industrial and commercial equipment;

- lighting and heating devices;

- chemical products;

- vegetables and fruits;

- perfumes, household cleaning products;

- tires, batteries, spare parts for motor vehicles;


packaging materials;

- construction equipment, generators, sweepers;

- construction and decorative paints, etc.

Many of the participants of foreign economic activity experiencing difficulty in obtaining the necessary permits ( certificates, opinions and regulatory authorities, etc.). We undertake the work under the agreement

We have opened a quarantine department and pest control, we have laboratory of phytosanitary examination. This allows us to get on the site the certificates and permits required for customs clearance.


Tel.: (4812) 41 48 26- reception, fax- 44 04 25

(4812) 30 27 33- Head of customs clearance

(4812) 41 48 58- Leader of the group of experts in customs clearance.

(4812) 41 48 58 – Head of group of experts in customs clearance.


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