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Finance lease

Leasing ( finance lease)- is a type of investment activity on the acquisition of property and its transfer on the basis of the lease agreement by person or entities for a fee, for a fixed period and under certain conditions stipulated by the contract, with option to purchase the property by lessee.

Acquisition of fixed assets in the form of leasing would reduce the tax burden on businesses. In particular, payments on leases agreements are deductible for income tax (which is expensive). In addition, accelerated depreciation (by a factor of 3) allows the holder of the balance to reduce the basis for calculating property tax base and further reduce their tax bases. Thread scheduling VAT on leasing requires a careful approach in accordance with existing regulations and sometimes, can provide additional benefits to leasing.

The standard package of documents for legal persons:

List of documents for legal persons:

1. Application form of lessee (our manager can help to fill it out).

2. A copy of the Charter of the applicant company with all the changes and additions.

3. A copy of the certificate of tax registration of the applicant company.

4. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company.

5. A copy of the order (the Protocol) on appointment of the applicant company.

6. A copy of the order appointing the chief accountant of the applicant company.

7. Copy of passport of the applicant company the first page, also the registration).

8. A copy of the form № 1 “Balance”, № 2 “ Profit and Loss” financial statements of the applicant company for the last 4( four) reporting period with a mark of tax authority, sealed by the applicant company. The applicant company on a single tax on imputed income (UTII) shall provide copies of the declarations UTII last 4 (four) reporting period, with a mark of tax authority, sealed by the applicant company.

9. Copy of bank signature card signature card of officers and seal of the applicant, certified by the servicing bank.

10. Original certificate from a servicing bank of account turnover during the last twelve months (monthly breakdown). Application form and copies of these documents must be sealed by the applicant company, as well as the signature of the applicant company.


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