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Truck haulage

The group of companies “Tranzit” delivers cargo from 1kg to 20T, using different kinds of road transport, includes the car of different types: from “GAZEL” with capacity of 1.5T to eighteen-wheeler with capacity up to 20T and up.

Based on the needs of customer and the type of cargo, we are ready to offer transport with a tilt, insulated tilt, refrigerated trailer.

Transport by road is carried out both in Russia, CIS and Europe.

Types, dimensions and capacity of rolling stock

Max cargo weight (T) Vehicle Length (m) Width(m) Height (m) Volume (m3)) Type of body/trailer
1,5 GAZEL 2-4 1,95 1,40–2.2 12-18 open, tilt, paneled van
3 VALDAY, ZIL 2-6 1,95 1,40–2,2 15-24 tilt, paneled van
5 ZIL, DAF, MAN 4-6 2,40 1,95-2,30 22-26 tilt, paneled van
8 MAN 4-8 2,40 1,95-2,50 30-60 tilt, paneled van
10 MAZ, MAN, KAMAZ 4-9 2,40 2-2,60 30-60 tilt, open, paneled van
20 MAN, MAZ, KAMAZ, SCANIA 13,6 2,40 2,45-2,75 82-96 tilt, refrigerated
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