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Customs clearance in Smolensk

We provide a full range of customs services and carry out customs clearance of cargoes at the entry to Russia. On the market since 1991.

Customs clearance is process complex and multifaceted, requiring a deep knowledge of customs laws, the laws governing foreign economic activities, practical experience in this field. Our company will solve all your problems with customs clearance of goods.

We stand out from other companies working in the field of customs clearance:

- Located 10 km from the highway M1 “Belarus”. Having a product in Smolensk, you will be able to send it anywhere in Russia, bypassing the congested region with Moscow traffic jams and congested terminals;

- We have a highly trained professionals who have the necessary evidence, practical experience in processing the declarations of any complexity, basic procedures (modes);

- We have our own warehouse of temporary storage. This allows us, more importantly, speed up preliminary operations with goods under customs control, and apply a flexible system of discounts;

- We are a customs carrier;

- We have Department of quarantine and pest control, laboratory of phytosanitary examination, which allows on-site to obtain the necessary certificates and permits;

- Our address matches the address of Smolensk customs, which greatly speed up when necessary, obtaining the necessary approvals from the functional departments of the customs, of obtaining advice;

- All services provided to regular partners a system of discounts and favorable terms;

- AIAC is located on our territory, which provides additional comfort to the carries.

All this allows us to save your time and reduce financial costs.

Contacts :

Tel.:(4812) 41 48 26 – reception, fax : (4812) 44 04 25

(4812) 41 75 76 – Head of customs clearance

(4812) 41 48 58 – Head of group of experts in customs clearance

(4812) 41 76 15 – Head of WTS

+7 910 114 7773- Head of Marketing for customs


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