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Warehouse of temporary storage

We stand out from other companies offering services on customs clearance and customs representatives – we have our own warehouse for temporary storage ( customs terminal). Certificate of inclusion in the register of owners of TSW 17.12.2010 № 10113/100024

This allows us, more importantly, speed up the preliminary operations with goods under customs control and apply discounts.

In our warehouse of temporary storage:

• All services of temporary storage, which has modern equipment, refrigerators, rooms for pest control , dosimetric equipment.

• Pest control - equipped laboratory allows on the site to obtain the necessary permits and certificates;

• Open parking space of warehouse of temporary storage seats more than 200 trucks, a useful amount of heated space 3609.44 cubic meters.

• There is a x-ray TV system for cargo screening, which at times reduces the carrying search procedures.

• Custody of goods after customs clearance (in the usual stock).

• The conduct of any storage operations (sorting, creations of separate lots of goods, packaging, labeling, etc.).

• There are temporary lift trucks of high performance in the required amount.


Tel.: (4812) 41 48 26- reception, fax- 44 04 25

(4812) 41 75 76- Head of customs clearance

(4812) 41 76 15- Head of WTS

+7910 114 7773- Head of Marketing for customs service


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